NDIS Support Coordinator 

MyLink Services provides both Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination (for more complex cases) services under the NDIS funding scheme. Our services are personalised to our client’s specific circumstance so they can make the most of their NDIS plan and reach their goals. We work with each of our clients to ensure they feel supported throughout their journey through their NDIS plan.

    As a Support Coordinator, it’s our job to help our clients get the most out of their NDIS plan so they can make the most out of life. We’re dedicated to tailoring our services to each client’s individual needs. We’re passionate about empowering our clients to lead lives that are fulfilling.

    We’re experienced in assisting those with a range of different needs, including, mental health disabilities, physical disability and those struggling to socialise and be involved in their community.

Aged Care 

As an experienced Aged Care Social Worker, MyLink Services can help navigate the package or funding provided by My Aged Care and explain what’s included in your level of funding.

    We get to know each of our client’s and their specific needs, so that we can connect them with services to best assist them in living a healthier, happier life. MyLink Services stands by our clients through all the ups and downs of life, so you can trust you’re always in good hands.

Veterans Affairs

MyLink Services offers approved social work services for veterans through a mental health referral from your General Practitioner under the DVA funding scheme.

    Our returned service men and women can require additional help as they move into their older years and MyLink is here to provide support and assistance to those in need. Aging can be a difficult process for many, and for Veterans the support they require is often more complex. Additionally, our Veterans can often experience exclusion from their community due to PTSD, drug and alcohol addictions, physical disabilities, etc. MyLink can assist in such circumstances to coordinate access to services and provide support.

    MyLink Services is experienced in making the transition to life at home, or to a facility, simpler. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure they make the most of their DVA funding and feel supported throughout the process. We understand the difficulties faced and we endeavor to tailor our services to each individual to help them best achieve their goals. Whether that is to be more included in the community, get on top of their home life or connect with family, MyLink Services is the helping hand to get them there.

Perinatal Counselling

Medicare approved (3 sessions) non-directive peri-natal counselling available for woman in the peri-natal stages of pregnancy on referral from a General Practitioner.