Are you feeling?   AFRAID?

About your job? Your finances? Housing? About your family? Your kids? Your parents? Partner?

That someone can’t forgive you or you can’t forgive someone?

That you can’t move on from something in the past?


Are you sad?     That life is not what you thought it would be?   Has someone left you? And you don’t think you can cope.

Or just sad and the feeling won’t go away?

Are you WORRIED??

About your health, finances, your relationship? Or your family??

Or are you struggling with:   Something that happened?   Now or in the past? Are you afraid you won’t cope?

Is someone hurting you? Or your family?   Or are you just afraid that your family isn’t happy?

Do you want to feel happier?    To feel that you can cope, that you have strategies.

That you understand better and are stronger?

That you have choices! Options!   * Add info at the top.


Have you recently found out that you are pregnant and you are not sure what to do? Is there some issues with the father of the baby? Your family? Your job? finances, housing and supports?

Then come for a counselling session.

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