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Elaine Evans
Elaine Evans
Bachelor of Social Work

Elaine Evans is a Senior Social Worker in private practice who is a registered member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and a member of the Gold Coast AASW Social Work Practice Group.


She has over twenty years’ experience working in the medical, government and community fields.


The private practice has a clinic in Southport, with the area covered including Central, Southern and Northern Gold Coast extending to Tweed Heads/Banora Point region.

Appointments can be made in the clinics or in the client’s home.   Many of the appointments for the elderly and veterans are made in the comfort of their home.

Elaine’s approach

Elaine is an empathetic, kind and caring counsellor and clinician with a warm and gentle style. Life can be complex and Elaine can empathise with these complexities, and these intricacies and resultant stress and anxiety can have an impact on people’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

At times people require assistance to steer through the difficulties of life.   It’s a good idea to ask at these times for guidance and support. A counsellor can assist with an objective view, to look at options, is someone who can listen and who has the training and skills to help.   If you feel down, or under pressure, anxious, or you just need to talk about an issue or concern, Elaine can listen and provide support and help.

Social Work Perspective

From Elaine’s perspective as a Social Worker this is where Social Work is placed. ‘Utilising theories of human behaviour and social systems, social work intervenes at the points where people interact with their environments’.

Call Elaine if you are not sure you need to make an appointment or referral, or if you are a clinician, doctor, family member or care provider to discuss confidentially any concerns you may have with regard to yourself, a family member or patient/client and to see if she can help you with your query or issue.

Call me to have a chat  and to make an appointment.

Phone 0411 633 499